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Anthony Truong - Owner Operator - Two Maids And A Mop Orlando, Florida
Name: Anthony Truong

Birth Place: Saigon, Vietnam

The main reason I work here: I want to be a part of a company that is forward thinking and technologically advance that happens to clean residential homes.

If I didn't work here, I would be: Definitely trying out for the role of a zombie in The Walking Dead.

If it were 5 o'clock I would be: Sitting in traffic on I4 East Bound listening to the 80s Greatest Hits on the way home to spend time with my children and take a peek at what my wife aka the "Iron Chef" is serving for dinner.

My philosophy on customer service: Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations.

What are you most proud of: Looking at my family everyday and seeing my children grow up the right way.

If I could meet anyone, dead or living, who would it be: President Lincoln--I think he would be good company, and it would be interesting to see his reaction to all that has unfolded since he died, from Reconstruction through the Westward Movement and the closing of the frontier, through the 20th Century with all its tumult, to President Obama.

If I could say anything: If only every potential customer knows how much our family owned business care about them and the amount of efforts we spend to see that approval smile!